Extract from the fairy tale:

«Once upon a time, there was an old woman who lived in a quiet village by a wide river that flowed into a large lake on the edge of a deep forest, above which a beautiful mountain shone in all its beauty. She had spent her life collecting herbs and helping everyone who came to her humble hut.

While gathering herbs again early one morning, she suddenly heard a happy laugh. She looked around in all directions, but could not see a single soul. The laughter resembled the light-filled sound of a bell. All at once, this sound was mixed with a very soft and loving voice. She turned to the voice. With wonder, she spied a tall, white-shimmering birch, which spoke to her. Never before had a tree done so.

«Go down to the river in the direction from which the sun shines, and you will see.»

The old woman picked up her basket, half-filled with various herbs, and walked through trees and bushes and across a flowery meadow down to the river.»



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